Don Pepe Steak Steak House

Don Pepe Steak House: Pine Brook NJ

Don Pepe has a good reputation over the last 30+ years, so good in fact they opened 5 restaurants since.  Today my brother took me to one we have not been to, Don Pepe’s Steak House in Pine Brook NJ (  It seemed that $10 was expensive for a mussels appetizer, but when it came, it was enough for 3 or more.  Served in a garlic and light wine sauce, I found myself filling up on bread to soak up all the great sauce.  If only I had known, I would not have gotten a 2nd appetizer to share (real crab cakes, 3 big ones) nor would I have ordered Mariscos con Rallarines en Salsa Verde (shellfish such as half lobster tail, scallops, clams, shrimp & more mussels) sauteed in garlic, plenty of parsley served over linguini.  I wound up eating all the shellfish and taking most of the linguini home since I was stuffed.  It was the freshest seafood I had since I was in Brazil.  I know it was billed as a steak house but their sister restaurant up the road was famous for seafood, and I was not in the mood for meat.  My brother had the black sea bass over broccoli rabe, everything was great.  The only thing I would have complained about was the white wine sangria which used more orange juice than other fruit juices, but it still tasted good.  I think the total price, with tip came to $120 with an after-dinner cordial.  Not cheap, but certainly not bad considering we both took home food and we could have gotten 3-4 meals out of it.


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