1. Brazil is spelled Brasil in Brazil and its capital is Brasilia.
  2. Brazilians speak Portuguese (not “Brazilian) or Spanish.  Brazilian Portuguese is spoken by 250 million people in several countries and is the 6th largest spoken language in the world.
  3. It is the largest country in South America, and arguably the most politically and economically stable as well as independent.
  4. BRIC stands for economically rising superpowers such as Brazil, Russia, India & China, sometimes BRICS (to include South Africa).
  5. Brazil owns more oil well rigs in the Gulf of Mexico than the USA.  Brazil exports electricity to neighboring countries it derives from wind power.
  6. Brazil exports a large demand of commodities such as Oil, Orange Juice, Coffee and Sugar.
  7. Brazil is as ethnically diverse as the United States, it has many Italian, Japanese, Germans and even Jewish and Muslim populations.  While 50% are white and/or European, at least 45% are mixed interracially due to slavery, immigrants, etc.
  8. Brazilians rank around 88 of the top 100 most overweight countries in the world. The USA is within the top 10 depending on the year and study.
  9. Brazilians love Feijoada, which is parts of the pig typically fed to the slaves, cooked for hours and served with rice and beans.  Today this peasant and slave dish is expensive in most modern restaurants.  The national drink is Caipirinha which is lime juice, sugar and the sugarcane rum called Cachaca.  Ice cold beer or Cerveja is a fierce competitor.
  10. Rio de Janeiro is the ultimate place to be for Carnival, celebrated just before the season of Lent.
  11. Brazil has the largest number of Catholics in the world, but also has probably the most religious, political and ethnic tolerance of any country.


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