St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands: Named by explorer Columbus after a saint who was a virgin, but later the term “Virgin Islands” stuck because they were pristine, beautiful and plentiful.  But just as New Jersey is known as the “Garden State”, the Virgin Islands might also be a contradictory term for a tourist destination for young people, honeymooners and lovers.  Obviously, honeymooners, lovers and young women traveling to this island will more than likely not enter or leave as virgins… there are things we should examine beyond that point.

Personally, after all the great stuff I heard about St. Thomas, I was excited.  Cruise ships stop in (unlike St. Croix where they are not allowed to enter), and the place we were at was supposedly a 5-Star Hotel.  They are the cornerstone/centerpiece of the St. Thomas Resorts.   You first have to understand where 5 stars come from.  5 Stars can mean the best of the best, or it can be 5 our of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 stars, etc.    Also, a 4 Star hotel in NY is easily a 2-star hold in South America.   It all depends on the rating, and of course, a 5-star hotel in NYC is going to be far more luxurious than a 5-star hotel in Brazil, but remember, this might be rated on a curve.   5 Stars in Brail might be the best place to be, but don’t compare it to a 5 star place in the USA.

The point is, if you are on a moderate budget, shoot for a 5-star hotel, which will still be affordable, if not, bypass the whole system and only eat at places you see are authentic.  We will get into that in the next blog…


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