Certain things have always remained consistent throughout my life.  I love photography, I love cinema, I love food, I love cooking and I love technology, and above all of those things, other cultures have always fascinated me.  I feel I am very fortunate to have such a broad spectrum on the world, its culture, and to be able to capture it in stills and on the screen.

I was a child who spent childhood in the 1970s, young adult in the 1980s and my favorite decade for all things was the 1990s.  I am happy that I got to experience all of these decades, I loved the simplicty of the 1970s when there was only one phone in the house and it was only used for emergencies and phoning distant family.  At the same time, I love the internet became mainstream in the mid 1990s.  In 2001 everything changed, not necessarily for the best.

11 Things About JRCX

  1. All of my heritage can be traced back to Sicily, Italy.
  2. I embrace my Italian roots closer than my American heritage, but I am a proud American.
  3. I love all cultures. When my father would take me into Little Italy in Manhattan, I begged him to take me to the temples in Chinatown.  I found them far more interesting since I already knew what being Italian was all about.
  4. While I hate extremes in weather, I almost always rather be in summer or autumn weather than any other.
  5. I love New Jersey, and I can’t list all the reasons why here.
  6. New York City & Manhattan will always be my favorite city no matter where I travel next.
  7. I find languages interesting and speak, read and/or write in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.  I did take a year of French in college, but found it very difficult.
  8. I played classical piano for over 10 years.
  9. I was confirmed as a Roman Catholic, but I believe in all religions as they all have their basis.  If anything, I believe in Karma, and no matter what, kindness trumps being a nasty, ugly person.  Some seek revenge, I seek personal closure, and when Karma comes around, its a beautiful thing.  I believe God and/or Karma have my back.  Life is too short to think otherwise.
  10. As of this point, I am single, never married, no children. I would have loved it the other way around, and though I tried many times, it just never worked out, so I am happy to have my freedom to do what I love like travel and keep my own hours.
  11. I am primarily nocturnal.


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