Angeloni’s Restaurant & Pizzeria


I finally found the most perfect piece of pizza which eliminates most of the guilt of eating more then two slices.  Its the “Thinny Thin” from Angeloni’s in Caldwell NJ.  Its incredibly delicious, but even more incredible is how thin the crust is.  Of course there is no such thing as “paper thin” when it comes to pizza, but this comes as close as I’ve ever seen.  While I did not measure it, its about 3mm or 1/8″ thick.  It gets better, there is no outer crust on the end, its all cheese, burnt (or caramelized) and is actually the most delicious part.  They don’t cook it directly in the oven, they put it in a pan so the cheese melts to the edges.  I’ve never had anything like it, its now my new favorite go-to slice when I want pizza, but don’t want to get full and I don’t want all the guilt of having a large, thick slice of pizza globbed with cheese.

angeloni - 1

Angeloni’s is not just a one pizza show.  All their pizza is great.  And if you decide to dine in, you will find its a really great little restaurant with all the decor, from photos of Sinatra, to Dino, checkered table clothes, friendly staff, classic Italian music everyone loves and a really great atmosphere.


While their Pasta e Fagioli is great, their escarole and beans is not the way my mother made it.  I was surprised to see pre-sliced pepperoni in there. I always thought it was a vegetarian dish, at least it was in my house.


What I love about this place is that it is a very reasonably priced place and you can bring your own bottle of wine.  I love places like that because you can bring the wine you like and not be forced to pay triple the retail price for a wine you might not even fine mediocre.


I have not explored all their menu items, but I will be back for sure to explore more. If you only come here for pizza you will not be disappointed.  For now, this is one of my favorite pizza takeout places.

 Angeloni’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
6 Brookside Avenue Caldwell NJ 07006
Phone 973-226-1234  Web


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