Delizia Pizza Kitchen

Delizia Pizza Kitchen, Boonton NJ


I have to admit, strip mall pizzerias have stepped up to the plate and have gotten a whole lot better in the past few years.  Although they might still not be the very best when it comes to representing authentic Italian food, at least they are trying.  These days there are endless arrays of pizza.  This particular place had two different types of Buffalo Chicken, one with hot sauce, one with ranch.  Now that is dedication to variety.  But as much as I enjoy the newer specialties these days, although they might not represent authentic Italian classics, I still yearn for something I might find in Italy.  I know its hard, and even a stretch, but I continue giving it a try.  Today I thought I would try “The Grandpa”.  Like “The Grandma”, its a simple old world style slice, thin, square, mostly sauce, not globbed with cheese.  This one had cheese, but it was fresh mozzarella and pesto.  I imagine it was inspired by an Italian grandfather who liked his pizza a bit richer with some fresh basil from the garden he had been tending all day.


A school kid comes in after classes and asked for “Pepperoni Strips”.  They look good, my girlfriend agrees, so we get an order.  They are good.  I can’t say this is the best place I’ve ever been, but for a quick snack and a tasty bite, it does satisfy.  Nothing spectacular, but noteworthy on my quest of the Top 101 Pizza Places I have visited.


Delizia Pizza Kitchen
308 Wootton Street, Boynton NJ 07005
Phone: 973-334-3511


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