Venezuela Pizza

Venezuela Pizza


Every day I learn something new about a different culture.  I thought I had heard of every possible pizza topping.  Just yesterday I was in a pizzeria and saw shrimp and cheese on a pizza.  Anyone knows (or should know) that cheese does not go with seafood.  Let alone shrimp on a pizza.  So, I asked what this pizza was and they said veggie.  Looks good, bell pepper, red onion, sundried tomatoes, spinach and artichokes.  A lot going on, but I just wanted a quick slice, and I am open to a new taste experience.  And, as suspected, it did not work well.  The artichokes were marinated and totally spiked the flavor of everything else out of the realm of complimentary.  Again, too much going on, especially with spinach, and believe it or not, the sun-dried tomato was actually the least obvious of all the flavors.  No problem, it was just a slice (at $3.84), and it was time for me to move on to the other errands I had to run before going to work.

So today my girlfriend, with her family in Venezuela says she is going to get her favorite pizza.  Its pepperoni, mushroom and corn.  Corn?  Really?  I thought I misunderstood but she said it for the third time in Spanish – maíz – yes, that is corn.  Its certainly not the oddest pizza topping I’ve ever heard of, but its definitely the first time I’ve heard of it.  When I was in Sicily, I was surprised to see hard boiled egg on pizza, and I did not question it, because after all, pizza is Italian.  Caviar on pizza?  Well, ok, I love caviar, and I realize some “creative” chefs want to boast the most expensive pizza.  But corn? Never for a minute even thought of it.


I love corn, I love the sweetness of it, and I never thought of putting it on pizza.  I have to try it, but like shrimp or marinated artichoke hearts, which I love individually, I am not sure would work on pizza.  Just add it to the list of things I need to try once so I can dismiss it just as quickly as I thought I should.


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