Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch 15 year old

Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch 15 year old


The Flaviar Fairy never disappoints in her delivery of fine spirits curated by Flaviar.  If fine scotch and great bourbon got together you would get this: smokey flavor with a touch of sweetness from bourbon. I was skeptical but this was well worth taking a chance on.

I first heard about this while reading an article on 5 great alternatives to Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon – and yes, I thought the same thing… this is scotch, and I don’t like scotch.  However, I like this.  And the reason is, because its the perfect marriage of scotch having been aged in barrels that formerly stored bourbon.

Here is the story from Flaviar:

2014121810_14189001519750_originalCask-strength delight.
Founded in 1887, with machinery bought from the Cardhu Distillery, William Grant created Glenfiddich. Still in the hands of the Grant family, Glenfiddich is the biggest selling malt Whisky worldwide and remains Scottish owned and independent. William Grant pioneered their Whiskies as ‘single malts’ at a time when malts were produced to supply the blended Whisky producers. It’s a vision that has paid off, thanks for creating the category Mr. Grant!

This richly layered 15 year old Glenfiddich Distillery Edition was matured in a combination of Bourbon barrels and Sherry casks before being married together and bottled at 51% ABV. Cask-strength, yet uncommonly light flavoured, juicy and fruity. You will want to add a few drops of water, to extend the range of your experience drinking this Whisky though.

Latest award: Best Speyside Single Malt 13 to 20 Years 2014 – World Whiskies Awards.

Drinking Suggestion: Add 1 tea-spoon for every 25ml serving. Don’t swallow rapidly. Cheers!

TASTING NOTES: Appearance & Color: Deep gold; Smell / Nose / Aroma: Floral, creamy, freshly ground black pepper, vanilla, custard, almonds; Flavour / Taste / Palate: Smooth, warm, creamy, fruit, dark chocolate, spicy, Sherry. Finish: Lengthy.

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