Parsippany’s Best Pizza

Parsippany’s Best Pizza

I don’t know how I keep running into this guy, but I do.  At first I thought I recognized him from the Italian restaurant I order takeout from.  Then I think I saw him at Tony D’s and vice verse.  They must own both or have some sort of alliance.  So, I walk into a place I’ve been meaning to try and there he is again.  And with a name like “Parsippany’s Best Pizza” it has to be good or they got some nerve, right?  The previous location was Angelo’s and it was quite a good pizza.  So, I am optimistic its the same owner with a new name.

When I go to test and taste any pizza place, I get the very basic “plain slice” – I keep it simple, because if you can’t master that, please don’t try to sell me one of the dozen other specialty slices.  Along with that, if they have an old world version that our grandmother would make, I have to try that.  So, I get one of each and the guy I know says “This can’t compare to Tony D’s”, I simply smile and tell him we will find out in a few minutes.  I am not sure why he said that, but he was right, the Grandma’s was nothing special, not horrible, but not worth of a name like grandma.  It was simply a slice of bread with cheese and tomato on it, you can see it below.  However, their regular slice was pretty good.


I was hoping to prepare something good for this entry like “if this is Parsippany’s best, I won’t be eating pizza in that town ever again” – however, its good pizza, not the best, not the worst, but well above average.  I will return, but it will certainly will not be one of my more treasured pizza joints.


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