Widow Jane Bourbon

Widow Jane Bourbon


There are more spirits these days then there are flavored vodkas (thank goodness for that).  Scotch is aged in Chardonnay casks, burgundy casks, and even beer aged in old bourbon casks.  But thanks to the laws of Bourbon, it can only be made from one main ingredient (at least 51% corn), aged for a certain amount of time (3-5 years), and must only be cut or diluted with limestone water, and of course, it must be made in the USA, but not necessarily any particular state.

So, you have companies now printing out plain labels with what would appear to be hand written specifications.  They are simply a handwriting font in a different color, but if you try to wet and smear the ink – you can’t.  So, its marketing/packaging.  That is not to say its not a great product, but just be aware of those which are not great and only appearing to be handwritten and authentic. And, these bottles come at a higher price.  What I am finding more and more, is that the “plain label” bottles are costing more than the traditional factory labelled bottles of whiskey.  And, they are maybe only slightly better, but often not worth the price. So while shopping in the Bourbon aisle, beware.  Its easy to fall into the old fashioned plain jane bottling and labeling of whiskeys that might remind us of the Old West.

And, for what its worth, you have to believe that the whiskey you drink today no matter how bad, most certainly has to be better than that from 100 years ago.  Why? Simply because you have a set of master blenders, tasters and testers whereas in the old days you just had one guy making it and it went out with only his opinion as to how it should taste.  Even still, there are so many varieties out there, that as special as they might seem, they should not boast the $50+ price per bottle, or worse yet, half 375ml bottle.

Widow Jane is a really good, really smooth bourbon full of flavor.  Its made in Kentucky and shipped to New York so they can cut it with limestone filtered water, the same limestone that is used to construct the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge.  So, if you have $55 and want to taste something exceptional, try Widow Jane.  If you don’t have that kind of money, its fine, you are not missing something phenomenal as if you were offered a bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle or Lock, Stock & Barrel for just $10-15 more.  Try it, its good, but certainly not if $60 is not in your budget… I am on the fence with this one as far as price, but if it only came down to taste I would say buy it!

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