I suppose the most famous and un-intentional April Fool’s joke was January 1, 2000 which proved to boring at best, today, in the  age of immediate social media, my favorite April Fool’s joke is that I changed my cell (or now, smartphone) number to 867-5309 – some will ask which area code, others will get it, and even some in any area code will try to store it.  In time, everyone will know its a joke from the 1980s, because any area code with that number, is taken, bought and reserved by some enterprise, public, private, whatever.   8675-309 is the name of a Tommy Tutone 1-hit wonder song, and because of that song, anyone with that number disconnected service from all the prank calls.  Enter the marketing professionals who bought up all those numbers, and today, the most sought out vanity number other than 800-888-8000 or 888-888-8888 is taken, and at the high price as much as a million dollars.


While I don’t like to stress serious people out with serious concerns, if they don’t get this joke or they try to call me, its ok, they can always message me on email, Facebook or Twitter if they really care that they can’t get in touch with me.

I feel sorry for people born or married today, unless they have a great sense of humor, then its even more fun.  In Brazil they joke its International Men’s Day, but us men know better than to reverse that and call it Woman’s Day.  In any case, just be on the alert for something that seems too unbelievable to be real, it might be a joke, it might not be, but just think twice before reacting.

PS – For example, once back in time, I was on a job and was photographing a Food TV show about Middle Eastern Cuisine, on the set I had met a famous bellydancer who I became involved with.  So one morning I phoned my new girlfriend, as I would every day, and she told me she could not talk because opened the fridge and honey and caviar shattered and poured all over her body and she had to shower, I said, “ok” then seconds later remembered this photo of Monica Bellucci, and then phoned her back and she said “its a joke, I saw that old copy of Esquire Magazine on your coffee table” and while I loved her sense of humor, I cursed I could not come to her rescue.



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