Amrut Indian Whisky

Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky

2012042510_13353487409693_originalUntil today, I didn’t know India made whiskey, but thanks to Flaviar, I actually had a chance to learn about it today.  I can tell you, having been to many Indian weddings, they do love scotch, so it should not be surprising they would eventually aspire to make their own.  Its been 10 years since they first launched their brand, and its won awards.  For me, this is very smooth, not so harsh, I generally do not like the “pow” scotch packs when it comes to flavor, but this is a very drinkable, smooth whiskey to drink.

Amrut comes from Indian mythology and means ‘nectar’ in Sanskrit.  The forces of evil (Rakshas) and good Gods were fighting each other in a war with a mythical snake known as Adishesha.  It tied itself around a golden mountain in the midst of an ocean. The fight stirred the waves and a pot containing divine liquid rose up. Anyone who drank this liquid would be given eternal life.

This whisky is made from Indian Barley grown up the feet of Himalayan and matured by the water flowing there.  It is later cultivated by old traditional agricultural practices. Its made in small batches to preserve the natural aroma, and matured in oak barrels.  The tropical conditions are unique at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level in Bangalore, the garden city of India. This Whisky matures by losing almost half its volume as “The Angels’ share”.

The color is Golden Yellow; Smell distinctly confident liquorice-bourbon notes with near perfect bitter-sweat balance; burnt honeycomb and toffee; Taste of richness and sheen against the enormous barley-oak sweetness; again there is a big bourbony cut to the cloth with all the liquorice and molassed sugar, but the barley adds that extra dimension; the finish is wonderfully layered oak offering variations of a sweet dry theme; a touch silky with some cream toffee in the end.

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