Easiest Homemade Pizza Ever

Easiest Homemade Pizza Ever

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For anyone that knows me or have read my previous posts and blogs, pizza is nearly a sacrament to me.  That is to say, I take my pizza very very seriously and it need not always be perfect, but it most definitely has to be made with some goal of perfection.  The reason is, every Friday my mother made pizza at home.  Sometimes when it was too hot to open the oven or if she was busy working late because she was a single mother we would order out, but nothing really beat the taste, price and perfection of what my mother made.  Of course I am bias, and of course I have yet to find anything like hers other than what I can make myself, but I still cannot get the fluffy airy dough like hers when I make it.  So, Since her passing nearly 10 years ago, I’ve tried everything out there from Pillsbury pizza dough in the frozen section of the supermarket, to DiGiorno in the fresh bread aisle, to even the store bought hand made fresh dough from the bakery.  Nothing will compare or add up, so I just decided to go another route upon a recent discovery.

I was at Whole Foods and the representative from Top This Fire-Grilled Pizza Crusts in Rhode Island offered me a slice.  Always a skeptic, but never turning down a free sample late in the afternoon when I have not had any lunch, I tried it.  It was surprisingly good.  I actually took another sample and 2 crusts for $6, I said to myself, “why not”?  After all, I can certainly do a lot worse.  $6 got me two very large crusts, very thin, fire grilled, and when you bake them, the air and moisture cook out to give you a very crispy thin crust which is nearly perfection.  No, its not like you can get in Rome from a brick oven, and no, its not like the pita or cracker crust you might find in other countries which try to cater to Americans (who are spoiled, even outside of Italy) when it comes to pizza, but it is an excellent product and very very hard to screw up.


This is what you start off with, a thin, flat perfectly formed pizza crust.  From there, you add what you like as long as you do not overcrowd or weigh down the pizza crust itself.

While in Aruba, I found a new favorite type of pizza which included all my favorites: black olives, fresh thin sliced onions, and instead of pepperoni, thin sliced chorizo.   I never thought to put chorizo on pizza, but almost always prefer pepperoni.  This is my new favorite and I will name it what they call it at Tua Casa – The Gypsy.  Here is the diagram and photo below.


Just buy an 8-0unce can of any tomato sauce, it can be generic, Hunts, Contadina, whatever.  This can will get you enough sauce to cover 2 pizzas, so if you are only cooking one at a time, save the rest for the second.  Spoon it out from the center and smear to the edges and even it out.  Next, put some salt, pepper and oregano on top.  Now, its time to get creative, but for me, its more of a science and balance.  I prefer everything to be equal and not slaughter the pizza with cheese the way many would.  I carefully place the condiments like onions, olives, cheese and meat in quadrants knowing that I will slice it that way once its taken from the oven and cooled that way, as to not have a slippery sloppy mess.  This is what it should look like once its cooled and ready to slice.  This is when you have 8 slices in a round pie.  Do you see the perfect balance of crust, sauce, cheese, olives and pepperoni?  For me, this is perfection, a little of each in every bite.

photo 2

Of course, you can top your pizza with anything and everything you like.  However, as it is with most Italian dishes, never more than 3 to keep it simple, balanced, and delicious.  Tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil is your most basic Margherita pizza, symbolizing the colors of the Italian flag, Red, White & Green.  Just remember to be careful in placing your ingredients and distribute them evenly and you will have the best pizza you can ever have from a freezer and many times, better than you can order out.  This is what it should look like after 8-10 minutes in the oven at 450F, cook it to your liking.  I prefer mine more well done and crispier, but just keep an eye on it and give it a few rotations in the oven halfway through the cooking process.  I cannot wait to try this over the summer on the grill, it should be the best pizza I ever attempted to grill.


Top This Fire-Grilled Pizza Crusts topthispizzacrusts.com

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