Frank Sinatra Turns 98



Well, not really, he died in 1998 at age 82, but every year its still a celebration of an amazing person who led an amazing life.  He is a legend by all standards, and he was possibly the greatest showman of all time.  He sang, he danced, he acted, he could do comedy, broadway, and volumes can be written on his lifestyle.  As bigger than life as he was he was also a regular old school guy who was always loyal.  He was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniels, and its funny that Jack Daniels might not even exist today if not for Sinatra.   Frank loved Jack Daniels, so much so, that he insisted that the local clubs he played at and restaurants he dined at stocked it, even if just for him.  Today of course, its one of the top brands.  But this was the great thing about Sinatra, if he liked something, he loved it, and did expect an endorsement of millions of dollars to promote it.  He liked what he liked and if you liked it, great, if not, that’s your problem.  Just be sure its on the table when he comes to sing or dine.

Some other favorite things of Sinatra were Pine Brothers Cherry cough drops (mine as well); Cherry Lifesavers; Veal Milanese; M&Ms candy; Tootsie Rolls, Juicy Fruit gum; and Campbell’s Beans, often right from the can.  So, he seemed like a normal guy who enjoyed everything we might.  But he was very picky about his Italian food, as any of us are who are born Italian-American.  Patsy’s restaurant in New York City was his favorite.  So many great stories originate from there, and if you ever go there, be sure to get the veal milanese, as I am sure they have it down to an artistic science.  If it was good enough for Sinatra, its good enough for you, and if its not, you either don’t know any better, or don’t like the dish to begin with.

A note about the photo above, it was taken by my friend who has since passed.  His name was Bill Gottlieb.  His career as photographer started in the 1930s, and his photos are so legendary, they US Postal System made postage stamps from his photos.  Now that is saying something!  Learn more about this famous photographer at – visit as well.

Volumes of books and a library can fill all of Frank Sinatra’s songs, talents, movies and stories, so I will just end this hear as my personal tribute.



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