JRCXQRWe hear a lot about foot prints all the time.  In the past, as fossils of extinct animals, captured in the forrest or dessert mud which turn to rock to last for thousands of years. Today footprints are reduced to the “carbon footprint” to signify how much energy we are using as humans and depleting the Planet Earth from.

As much as many hate the modern era of digital and electronic media, I think the best footprint of all is what we have now.  No, not the barcode or QR Scan code, but the @ symbol.  I don’t plan to be buried in a cemetery, but if I were, my gravestone would definitely have the @JRCX engraved in it.

Why?  Well, in 1994, 20 years ago, I signed on to AOL and made a name for myself. I wanted it to be JRC but AOL would only allow 4-character names.  The letter X was perfect.  X-Files were a hit series, the letter X was so underused so it was unique, and the fact is, X in many languages sounds like “cris” – in fact its from the Greeks we get the Xmas from Christmas – X = Chris – and of course, the very hip, trendy Christina Aguilera also uses her Twitter handle as Xtina.  So, all the more reason for me to set my ground as JRCX.

From there I started – still active today though its undergone dozens of ID changes and directions.  And, from there, we have @JRCX on Twitter.  But if you type JRCX and/or @JRCX on anything, and 99.9% of the time you will get my content.

Of course you might come across someone that has a similar name or interest in those letters, and from what I see, they are not trying to use my name for more traffic, but its great to know that I built my own brand, in a simple matter with great recognition.

Its part luck, part timing, and of course a lot of planning.  Whenever a new form of social media comes out, I sign up as JRCX even if I will never use it again.  I am JRCX on the Web, AOL, MSN, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, MySpace and probably another dozen places I cannot remember.

So, if aliens come or our planet is destroyed and they come across a fragment artifact and wish to know more about who I am, they will find me, my photos, artwork, articles, writing and blogs by 4 simple characters: J R C X – If others wish to try to steal the name, thats fine, it just showed I dropped the ball and was not paying attention, however, 99% of the time, you will still find me, the one and only Justin R. Cristaldi @JRCX 🙂


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