Wedding Marathon



This Summer went buy faster than any I can ever recall, and I think I have a pretty good recollection of Summers because as much as I hate the cold, I can’t stand the stifling humidity and heat.  We had a bit of that in July but then August was mostly very cool and that came as a rude awakening once I knew September was upon us.  Summer, which is typically 3 months long, seemed like less than 3 weeks to me.  I was working pretty hard, so thats probably why it passed me by this season.


Some people find it hard to believe that you can shoot 3 weddings in a row. However, in the Spring and Summer months, its easy to book every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (if you are good and lucky enough to be in the right region with the right contacts).


This Holiday Labor Day weekend brought me 5 weddings in a row.  Thursday there was a Sicilian-Syrian Wedding; Friday was an Indian Wedding; Saturday a Jewish-Italian Wedding; Sunday a Kosher Jewish Polish Wedding, and to finish the holiday weekend off, Monday was an Italian at the Jersey Shore at a beautiful Marina.  I covered area from all the way up in NY State down to South Jersey.

kosherI truly love what I do and love even more that it brings me the diversity of many different cultures.  As many weddings as I do each year (over 100) each and everyone has its joys and challenges.  Wedding are a long day, 10-15 hours or more, but there is a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I am capturing memories that will last for generations, if not 100 years or more, and for that reason I always give it my best, even if conditions are not ideal.

Just to put it in perspective, thats nearly 75 hours in 5 days, no one can do this unless they truly love what they do.  Having 3 more weddings this weekend will seem easy compare to the five I shot last holiday weekend. Its all good, I am thankful I have the energy, the work and the enthusiasm to capture footage with creativity to bring newlyweds joy.

icelugeAnd there you have it, weddings from A to Z including the Zorro Ice Sculpture.


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