Best Birthday Cake Ever

BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE EVER (to date)cohibacake

On his wedding day, the Groom’s birthday was also the same day.  His bride surprised him with a special cake from the Cake Boss which was completely edible, with sugar figures of Cuban Cohiba Cigars, Johnny Walker Blue Scotch and $100 bills.

I’ve seen a lot of cakes in my wedding photographer days, but this is definitely the best, if not in the top 5.  Personally I love whiskey and cigars, so for me, this was a great cake.  While my favorite brands of whiskey and cigars might not have been represented here, its still a great idea.

When I ran into a neighbor who asked if I was doing ok with work, I told him I was ok, hanging in there, like the rest of us.  He unfortunately has been out of work for more than 6 months.  I tried to explain my business is recession-proof, but not completely immune to all cutbacks.  Video is the first place they cut back on, and to me that is incredibly ironic, and quite frankly, outright foolish.  You just spent upwards of $50,000 dollars for a wedding.  About $25,000 for the reception and catering hall, cocktail hour and dinner.  At least $1,000 was spent on the ceremony, flowers or not, whether it be in a church or at the reception location, and of course thousands more on a DJ, band and/or limousines.  What astonishes me, is that you don’t have any of that on video?  Video is cheap, you can pay between $1-5k.  The people paying $5k are basically getting 3 videographers to make a Hollywood type trailer.  The $1k package is just simply one videographer following you around all day, but more importantly, getting the live vows during the ceremony, the first dance with live audio, the parent dances with live audio, the bride’s maid speech, best man’s speech and parent’s toast as well as some of the fun dancing.  About 2-3 hours of footage is captured, and even if its edited down to 1-hour, to the newlyweds this is not worth $1k when you spent over $50k on everything else?  Really?  Really?!?!!

Ok, so, back to my story, neighbor looks at the photos on my iPhone and says “there is another @$$ in the making” (insert any political party, Democrat or Republican and/or any explicative you can imagine).  Well, just trying to follow the conversation and be polite, I said “yea, I love cigars as you know (he questions me when I walk around the block and don’t have one lit on my daily walk) and while I don’t like Scotch, I love Bourbon” and either he was being nice or being polite when he said “yes, but those things don’t define you unlike this pr1^%”  And, when I thought about it later, yes, actually it did define me.  I love cigars, I love fine aged spirits, or any liquor, vodka, whiskey, bourbon or scotch.  I love the finer things in life, and I love having the money to afford such things.  I love being a bachelor, so yes, a cake like that would define me.

Its ok, he is in a bad rut, wife, 2-3 kids, no job, and he wants to blame the current government.  I too would love to blame someone else, especially the government for my working like a slave to afford the same things that came easy 10 years ago, but the fact is, I have to change my habits, not the government’s.  I can’t control them, but I can control my spending on things like cigars which I would normally have one each day, now I have to have one each week.  Yes, that sucks, but curbing my consumption and spending is a hell of a lot easier than trying to get any government (no matter who is in power) to do the same.  So, less cigars, cheaper whiskey, less luxury foods like sweets, and I can keep up until I can find a way to beat the system, or at least find a better source of income.  However, nothing beats budgeting and planning.  Even still, you love certain things and on your special day (birthday or wedding or in this case both), why should you not have it?

What would be your dream birthday cake? Would it be a luxury car? Speedboat? Sports Team Theme, or something else?  I think mine would be close to what you see, only with use of bourbon for the cake, and maybe some cannoli in place of the cigars, and a box of cigars on the side, and shots of my favorite liquors all the way around the cake in place of the candles.  Am I asking for too much?  If I am working as hard as I do, does it matter?  Of course I am entitled, and in its place, I can work some extra overtime, because in the end, money is worthless if we cannot enjoy fairly simple luxuries like this.


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