Winners & Losers + Success


We probably all know that Albert Einstein needed help with tutoring with math.  We know that Frank Sinatra was a high school dropout who could not read a note of music. Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple and Steve Zuckenberg of FaceBook also dropped out of college or high school.  What does that tell us?  No, dropping out is not a good choice, but if you should be in that position and have determination, you can still succeed.  In the general world, you need a degree to prove you can follow through with something and commit to it, but the reality is, this does not make or break you.

Even Steve Jobs, unquestionably the biggest innovator of our time, was fired from the very company he owned. The company was failing, the giant Microsoft was dominating, but he did not leave in despair, he went on to start a lucrative animation company called Pixar.  When Apple was just about bankrupt, they called Steve back in.  He swallowed some dirt, made contact with his old rival Bill Gates and he resurrected Apple in a very short amount of time.  The iPod blew away the SONY walkman or MP3 player, it was enormously popular, then came the iMac, the MacBook, of course the iPhone (making Apple one of the largest phone makers in the world) and eventually the iPad which was basically a tablet laptop which all other companies had failed to invent and/or market in the past.  Ironic that once Apple invented something that everyone else failed at, soon had clones like Kindle, Galaxy, Android.  I own no Apple stock, though I wish I did.  Its taken a tumble but is still very valuable.  And consider, you want your products to be made of cheap plastic, or steel & glass to last years?  Yes, the products are more expensive, but they last a lifespan at least twice of other devices.

This isn’t about Apple, Jobs, Gates, Sinatra nor Einstein or even Thomas Edison, who had tens of thousand of failures before finding a successful invention like the lightbulb. Few know he actually invented the telephone too.  Yes, Alexander Bell got credit for it, but only because he made it to the patent office first.  Edison’s version was far better as historians note. This is about endurance and success.  In order to be successful, the one simple thing is you can never give up.  If you never give up, you never fail.  If you quit, you have admitted to failure and have stopped trying.  Yes, you can go through life trying but never really succeed, but in the end, wouldn’t you rather go out knowing that you never quit over quitting and drifting into oblivion?

There will be people who knock your dreams, and its sad for them because at least you wake up having a dream, but they have nothing other than getting through the day.  Then you will have negative influences, and as Albert Einstein once said “if you tell a fish it must climb a tree or it is a failure, the fish will go through life thinking it is a failure”.  So very true, a fish was meant to swim, not climb.  And if you just allow a fish to swim, it will do its job, and if you ask a monkey to climb a tree and it can’t, there are problems, and even more problems if you ask it to swim.  Everyone and everything has its place, its application, their skills for the job at task.  The key is to learn what that is and draw them in the right direction.

If you are not a manager, and know you can’t do that, they, you need to realize “I am not good with numbers, I will not be an accountant, but I can be an account manager since I know how to manage and talk to people and clients”.  Its a very simple and obvious thin few seem to realize.

And, if you think you are getting old, burnt out, or your employer does not value you and thinks they can replace you with two people for the same salary you make.  Its not a good feeling but its politics, economics, and you have to accept it.  IN most cases, two 25-year olds will not be able to replace a 50 year old person with 30 years experience, but again, its economics and the manager thinks he can teach two 25-year olds what it took you and him (partially) to learn in 30 years.  It does not quite work out, and you should not be angry or discouraged.  You know there are a lot of talented younger people out there, maybe some even more talented than you, but they lack the social skills or sales skills to complete the transaction.  No problem, you go out, do your thing, keep networking, make friends, and remember your competition are your friends in disguise, be polite, be professional, be courteous, because you never know when you might be out of a job and if they respect you and value your skills and talent, you can be in the door without even a formal interview.

Remember, someone is always on the way in, and someone is always on the way out.  It is a revolving door, not a closed one.  Or, as Brazilian philosopher Paulo Coelho says “when one door opens, and another one closes, just leave that door shut because it leads no where”.  Same is true with employment and social contacts.  Better to say goodbye and get out on a high note before the saga and drama engulf all parties.


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