Wedding Season

WEDDING SEASON378251_10151799814642262_1398108712_n

Wedding Season is a good thing.  It means its Spring, the weather is warmer, Summer is on its way, and for those of us who work in the photography business, that means we are going to become very busy with work, and that is always a good thing. When your live is dedicated to you art, and you are self-employed, you know there are slow seasons, and we can’t collect unemployment.  And, let’s face it, winter is a lousy time to take vacation unless you love skiing, or if you are traveling to the southern hemisphere to enjoy what everyone else enjoys while you are out working every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the warmer months.

But I love spring weddings for another reason.  It gets me back in action, back into the groove using new equipment and new techniques and, also with it, a great enthusiasm to bring in more great samples for a portfolio which I can use to update last year’s samples.  Its all good, and along with spring, it is a re-birth, a new start, new material, a better attitude and hopefully more positive experiences as life in general tend to become  tougher.  Even for the moment, I am loving the start of this new wedding season and hoping to capture and preserve memories for newlyweds for the children and grandchildren to see “way back when”.

I love what I do, and its even better when I can approach a new year, a new season, with new clients with a great attitude and new ideas.


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