April Fools


Gotta love this day, its good, harmless fun.  And I use it on social media like FaceBook because thats where I get the most attention.  Its simple, I say I got a new phone and my number is 867-5309 – people woneder the area code, but most catch on that this is a song from the 1980s which, back then, you can dial any number without an area code and reach the party… This number was soon disconnected by many parties, yet today, you cannot possibly find this number without a hefty price. One New York Advertising company paid $1 million for it, knowing that it would get tons of callers.

IN fact, any area code you look in, 867-5309 is taken, and probably cherished, with a high price.

If you know the 1980s or are a fan, here is one song you can’t miss:




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