I never really thought glassware was important to the enjoyment of drinking process, and even Chef Michael Chiarello agreed.  Its just a vehicle to deliver fine wine, spirits, cocktails, or anything else.  There are glasses that are shaped to open up the bouquet as you sip and savor them, and yes, that does lend to the experience. However, I have to admit that I’ve been searching for glasses that were not stemmed that me and Victor would drink homemade wine from which tasted fine.  And, we would never use stemmed, tall glassware from Riedel to use, that would detract from the authentic experience.  Sometimes, its perfectly ok to have a drink from a long stem glass designed for a specific wine, spirit or drink, I agree with that  But if you are just looking to slug down a drink, and not experience the flavors, the ingredients, the nature from which the drink or vintage com from, then of course this would be lost on many.

But, when you start to enjoy food, and wine, and spirits, you realize that you have to maximize the experience.  And yes, that would mean, turning off the cell phones, tweets and instant text messages.  Once you do that, you can relax and savor every drop of wine, cocktail, food, condiment and more.

photo copy 2

And, you know, I like having a special glass for each separate beverage.  As tradition rules, tall glasses for soda and spirits, better known as a highball; a stemmed glass only for wines; a short, stout glass for bourbon and scotch, and of course, a martini glass (stemmed) with triangular shape for all those other cocktails which need to be shaken and strained and served up without ice.


Believe it or not, the glassware will enhance the experience.  And the thinner the rim you drink from, the nicer it feels on the lips. Tasting is about sight, taste, touch, so when you have a glass designed for that experience, it makes it so much more pleasurable.  This is not to say that you can’t drink a margarita on the rocks from an old fashioned glass (tumbler), but if you drink it from a stemmed martini glass and you sip it slower, you might enjoy it all that much more…



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