Superbowl Sunday


The Superbowl in early February has become a new National US holiday.  You don’t have to buy presents, its all about food, and generally free if you are watching on a television (unless attending the actual event), but its the perfect opportunity to have people over to enjoy food, family friends and a common sport that unites most Americans: Football.  If you have no interested in football, certainly you have interest in friends, food and some pretty funny commercials?  I personally am not a football fan myself, but when you sit down and watch, there is excitement and you truly do not know who is going to win.

As was with this year, The Baltimore Ravens face the fierce San Francisco 49rs.  The Ravens are the underdogs, but we already have some very fancy themed menus like Maryland crab cakes honoring Baltimore and guacamole can certainly represent California, approximately 71 million pounds of them. I don’t know the math on that, but its said that $50 million dollars in food is spent in the days leading up to Superbowl Sunday, and This is good.  Money for food is never a waste, as long as that food never goes to waste.

The great thing is, we have cocktails to accompany.  New Orleans has its own culture and cocktails, as well as culinary fare.  So you have 3 of the greatest cities in the USA with very distinct tastes, cultures, cuisine and cocktails coming into play outside of beer, pizza and wings.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but if you love food… explore the tastes outside of the usual food you might usually have and/or order from a local fast food place.

If you are watching the game, what will you eat?  If friends are coming over, how did you entertain?  What did you buy to dine on?  What was at the party you went to?  Its fun to know, so please share!



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