Cavatelli Ricardo


cavatellibaconThey beauty and key of this dish is all leftovers, and all cooked in less than 10 minutes.  I had half a package of cavatelli in the freezer. Opened packages are prone to freezer burn, so I cooked what I had left and saved half of it in the refrigerator to cook with something else.  I hate 95% of leftovers, but I finally found a great use for cavatelli.

I almost always buy my bacon cooked, I don’t need all that bacon fat or the smell, or the time, or even the paper towels to drain it.  Pancetta is great for cooking, but when it comes to bacon, I like it really crispy, almost burnt.  So, I add this to a pan of a little butter, extra virgin olive oil, a lot of fresh cracked black pepper.  Once that is going and sizzling, I add in my leftover cavatelli, and some fresh cream. Once that starts to reduce, I add in some frozen peas, continue to mix and then turn off the heat.  Once its on the plate, I add a generous amount of grated parmesan cheese and serve.  Its delicious and no one would know (or even care) if they knew it was all made from leftovers.


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