Coffee is a commodity, and always has been.  Even when Europeans were drinking tea, Americans were enjoying coffee even more.  Its uses just as much as Orange Juice, Oil, or Milk.  Its a staple item that always has value and is in world demand.

In Europe, especially Italy, you will find Cappucino (never served after 11am) and always espresso any time of day…photo copy

People drink it black (straight); light with cream or milk, or with sugar.  I prefer mine very strong, with some cream to take off the edge, but if its espresso, I want it straight, no sugar or anything.

ITs amazing, that this can literally become a hobby, from where to visit to what they serve.  You have coffee from Jamaica, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Hawaii, countless places. This is great stuff for coffee connoisseurs, just as much as wine connoisseurs.  The bean depends on where it was grown, how robust it is, and how fine you grind it.

Any decent coffee maker today is $100 or more, and if you want one that also makes espresso or cappuccino, then you are looking at $300.  So up front, with grinder, coffee maker and the coffee itself, you are looking at about $400.  So, if you spend $3 each day on coffee, 5 days each per week, you are spending about $400 over the course of 6-7 months.  Its at tis time when you need to sit down and figure out if you will use a $400 coffee machine/grinder/beans, or if you are just content buying it one cup at a time, or if you should buy your own and make it fresh and not deal with having to make a stop and wait online for it.


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