Defected Russian Cocktail



Newly created drink… I hope I was the first.  I came across this great liqueur, Pisa from Italy.  It is a combination of Almonds, Hazelnuts and Pistachio nuts and is delicious.  If you like Amaretto, Nocelo or Frangelico, you will love this.  Its only about 48proof, its great neat, but when you add a splash to a Black Russian (equal parts Vodka and Kahlua), you have the Defected Russian.  I name it this because you see the unique bottle, like the Tower of Pisa itself, tilting away from the rest… get it?  Its good!

2 Parts Russian Vodka
2 Parts Kahlua
1 Part Pisa
Serve chilled, from the freezer, or stirred with ice.

PS – Photo from the new Canon Elph 110 HS using the fisheye effect, its not actually a true fisheye lens, but looks kind of cool?


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