Giambotta has a very mixed meaning today.  Some view it as a stew, with tomatoes, but the dish I remember, came out as a family platter.  Us 2nd and 3rd generations greeted it with much enthusiasm when our favorite local restaurant brought it to out table, because even “back then” 15+ years ago, it was a lost dish.  But its a combination of grilled or roasted peppers, potatoes, perhaps some onions and even broccoli rabe and sausage if you really want to deliver.  This alone is a meal.  The hot peppers will require some good bread to take away the burning heat, but you have everything here for a feast for a small hungry crowd.  Today I don’t see many restaurants serving this, not as an appetizer, much less a main course.

I did find one place serving it as the “Lombard’s Platter” which, was of course at Lombardi’s pub and grill.  They serve it with homemade potato chips on the side, broccoli, broccoli rabe, sausage, and long hot peppers. All cooked and sauteed in garlic.  Not bad, pretty good actually, but the way I like it served is with sliced cooked potatoes (not fried), peppers, onions and the broccoli rabe and sausage is optional.


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