Where’s George?


Many years ago, probably in the 1990s when the internet was a great emerging trend, I found this website from a dollar bill I got. Back then we were website junkies, we loved the internet and were anxious to find new ones, so when I saw a dollar bill with http://www.wheresgeorge.com I just had to see what it was about “Where’s George” tracks where your dollar goes.  So if you get it as change in your hometown or suburb and then go spend it in Manhattan, and someone else sees it, logs it, and then spends it, its fun to see how far it can travel, from your small town to places as far as the other side of the country or even the world, if they accept US Currency.

Its simple, register with wheresgeorge.com or login and register a bill, and everytime you get a single bill, log it in.  Sure it takes a few seconds of work but its fun and its better than sending a helium balloon in the air with a self-addressed stamped envelope hoping someone will mail you the card as to where it landed and was found, or sending a message in a bottle into the ocean and hoping to get an answer.  Yes, I know people are lazy, but this is a fun way to track something you once held and seeing how far it travels, how people got it, and how people spend it.

Some things you should know: 1) its illegal and/or unlawful to “deface” government property like money.  That means, you should not write, mark, burn or destroy a dollar bill; 2) wheresgeorge.com rules state you should not encourage or solicit others to register the dollars you hand out.  They believe in the natural progression of things that if someone sees “where’s george” on a dollar, they log on to the computer and register it. Like a cult, its a secret organization that only those who know Where’s George should  participate.

I feel quite differently.  If I had not seen the “where’s george” on a bill I would have never known, and never shared, and never spread the word.   For me, its ok to “kickstart” some things, especially in this day and age and economy when a dollar rarely buys anything, much less entertainment, and you will have far more success tracking a dollar than a $5 bill in the coming years.  So, let’s open it up.  Log on, write in black pen http://www.wheresgeorge.com and let’s see how far it travels.  If anyone arrests you for defacing government property, please, let it be known so it goes viral on the internet, because they should not be concerned with a single dollar, but more the billions and trillions corporation “lose, misplace, or are unaccounted for” of our money which the government lets pass on Wall Street. If anything, this money is accounted for, where as the trillions “trusted’ corporations cannot account for.  So, register all your money, its a hobby, but its fun, and its so great when a notification on twitter or facebook pops up stating your bill has arrives in a state or country so far away from where you first spent it.

Remember, this is just for fun.  Its a hobby and how much more fun can you have for a dollar anymore?  Maybe a burger from a fast food chain, but that is gone in seconds, this dollar can travel the globe and you can trace who gets it, what condition its in, how they got it, and how they spent it.






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