Yellowfin Tuna Tail


I had made shrimp yesterday, so I was not really thinking to have seafood again tonight for dinner.  However, I was at a loss, I didn’t want another burger and had skirt steak as well.  So when I went into the supermarket I was pleasantly surprised to find yellowfin tuna tails for just $6/lb.  This was a real find.  This piece you see above was about $4, so probably a little more than half a pound, certainly enough to serve two, but I was hungry.  So, I made it “tiki” or polynesian style with coconut rice, some avocado and of course french fries.  You don’t normally see french fries served with rice unless you are in Brazil, and since Brazil is a tropical place, with plenty of mixed cultures, it seemed appropriate.

The white rice was cooked in coconut water, so it had some nice sweet flavor but nothing overpowering.  The tuna tail I marinated in soy sauce, olive oil, sea salt and pepper for about an hour before searing it on all 3 sides on a hot grill.  There you have it… Yellowfin Tuna Tail served in what can be considered the Polynesian style.


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