Polynesian & Tiki Cocktail Drinks

Polynesian & Tiki Cocktail Drinks

You should probably all know, if you don’t already, all islands and the new world were discovered by sailors. It does not matter if it was Vikings, British, Spaniards, Portuguese, US Navy during wartime, or otherwise, the common denominating factor is it was all due to sailors that we learned this culture.  

So let start with the basics.  Limes were grown in the tropics, and limes full of Vitamin C helped prevent diseases like scurvy.  Its no wonder that limes are the base of nearly every drink today, especially where rum is involved.  Rum, also made from sugar cane is from the new world, the Caribbean and tropics. So its safe to say Sailors, Rum and Lime all go together.

Navy Grog: Sources say that the Navy Grog was Frank Sinatra’s favorite drink at the Hollywood restaurant where it was first served. The was always been served very cold in an old fashioned glass with plenty of crushed or shave ice. The ingredients vary, but you can be sure of certain things: It involves all 2 types of rum (light, amber, dark or silver, gold and black) and at least 3 fruit juices like lemon, lime and orange, and perhaps a splash of club soda.  You definitely NEVER want to buy any sort of mix or pre-mixed cocktails, so its better you use all fresh ingredients as the Polynesians would. Some even call for Bacardi 151 which is high alcohol content, barely amber, and just juice.  I prefer something more traditional.

Pina Colada: Probably one of the most famous and well known drinks, its simply cream of coconut and served with a lot of ice.

Zombie: Due to its name, its obvious what the results are and no one should ever consume more than one, two should be illegal.  Its all types of rum, silver, gold, black and apricot brandy along with lime juice, splash of pineapple juice, and topped off with Bacardi 151 rum.  Even one drink is basically 3+ no matter how high your tolerance to alcohol is.

Mai Tai: Light Rum, Dark Rum, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice and Orange Liquor

Rum Runner: Rum, Coconut rum, Banana liquer, splash of cherry liquor, served in a tall glass.

Singapore Sling: This actually pre-dates both World War I & II, and consists of gin, brandy, Cointreau, cherry liquer, pineapple and lime juice, with some grenadine for color and sweetness and a dash of Angostura bitters.

Planters Punch: Dark rum, lime juice, grenadine, plenty of ice, garnish with cherry.

These are all high proof drinks, and not more than one is meant to be consumed, but if you have to have a second, be sure you enjoy a good helping of food, relax and then go home many hours later.


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