A Word About Grover Cleveland


Growing up in a small town, the one thing I can always brag about is that its the birth place of US President Grover Cleveland.  The most interesting thing about Grover that makes it bragging about is that he is the only US President that served two non-consecutive terms.  He was voted in for one term, lost to Republican President Harrison, who did such a poor job, they voted Democrat Grover Cleveland back in.

What a novel idea.  If I can change anything about the US Presidency, it would be to add more parties, or allow them to serve only one term, and if they get voted back in 4 years later, then they can serve up to 2 more terms. Or, just have one president serve just 5 years, because it seems like so much money, energy and time is spent on elections and re-elections.  I don’t think its in America’s best interest.  As you probably can figure out, I am an independent.  And while I tend to be conservative, I think they all suck.  But one thing is for sure, you need to get out there and vote tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Many may argue that the president rarely wins the popular vote and loses the electoral vote, however, its still important to vote.  If enough presidents are winning the popular vote and losing the electoral college vote, you will see a reform in this country’s voting system.  Vote.  Normally I would say if you don’t care for either candidate, just vote for a 3rd party.  However, in this case, the vote will be wasted, so vote Democrat or Republican, this election is far too important to throw the vote away on a party you know won’t win.

And, just to play devil’s advocate, let’s vote the current president out.  Remember, you can always vote him back into office in 2016 if things do not improve or they get worse. And let’s face it, while it can get worse, keeping our current course is just way too depressing.  At least if we make a change, we can say we gave it a fighting chance rather than just sit back and let things continue on the current course.  I am not a gambler, I can’t remember the last time I was in a casino, but this is a gamble I am willing to take.


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