Garibaldi Peru Mex Visit #2


Please read my first visit to this place at in case I left out some minor details. (Like the fact that they serve Peruvian Food, Mexican Food and hardly any pizza, though it was originally owned/operated as a pizzeria).

So, I was just as equally pleased with my second visit to this small “hole in the wall” (or in this case half a pizzeria in a strip mall easily hidden within another strip mall), just off Rt. 46 East in Parsippany New Jersey.  I wanted some authentic food, and I wanted some “home cooked food”.  As many of you know, last week left many of us in NJ without power and heat.  Sitting in bed under the covers reading, or sitting in the car just to run the heat and listen to the wrath of Hurricane Sandy was becoming quite depressing. So, time for some home cooked food, and not something on the grill which is how I made it through the week.  Since I had been grilling thawed sausages and meats from the freezer, time for some fish.

Mojarro is what they called this dish.  Its basically lightly fried fillets of tilapia, very light batter, if any at all, served with steamed white rice, red beans and a small salad with a little avocado, cucumber, tomato, and what tasted like Italian dressing.  I thought to ask or question it, but I just let it go.  The creamy light green sauce was a little spicy, just slightly, which I like. The waitress told me it was a puree of spicy green pepper, but there was something more there, perhaps a touch of cilantro or some yogurt or cream to mellow it out, but it was quite good.  The meal came to almost $13 with tax. Not a cheap lunch, nor an expensive one, and in fact it can feed 2 people if you want a light lunch, even then its a big bowl of beans, a lot of rice and plenty of fish as you can see.  The same as the Lomo Saltado I had there on my last visit.

Its a small place that seats less than 20, and as you can see, the kids were home from school that day, since most schools were closed. But they felt no pain taking up a whole table while keeping entertained by the somewhat portable iMac.

As always, the food is good, service is fast and friendly and the next time I think I will try the rotisserie chicken.  Remember, if you pass the red light and/or Shell gas station, you went to far.  This is in the strip mall next to Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway.

Garibaldi Peru Mex Pizzeria (973-808-7028)
107 Route 46 East, Parsippany NJ 07054


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