Last Taste of Summer


I am always looking to invent new cocktails, but most to the time they are already invented, very few ingredients and tons of mixers have already been applied to new drinks. but I think I might have found one, that even if it has a name, is uniquely mine.  I don’t care that its mine, I just want to know that its the drink I identify with that others might recreate and I can get the same thing.

Its simple, its simply juice of 1 small orange, juice of one lime, and some Southern Comfort.  Here you have the Last Taste of Summer.  Yes I know you can get oranges, and limes and Southern year round, but you really will only drink this in the Summer Time.

The fresh lime, fresh orange in conjunction with the orange flavor of Southern Comfort over ice is very delicious and can even serve as a Tiki drink in the winter over a polynesian meal when you are longing for the warmer weather.


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