Oil & Gas


I don’t like to get political, but sometimes the media feeds, politic and basic lack of knowledge of the general public forces me to explain things that most can’t or won’t ever explain in simple terms in order to protect and endorse their political agenda.

First off, lets examine what oil an gas are to the world. Its more than filling up an SUV to drive to the mall. Gasoline is what keeps our airlines moving, and an entire industry.  Gasoline keeps us getting and coming home to and from work.  Gasoline powers our tractors which harvest our food.  Gasoline is what takes that food from the farms to our supermarkets.  Ever notice that when the price of oil per barrel goes up, our gas prices at the pump go up and food prices go up?  Its all related.  Gas and oil and energy heat our homes, factories, produces our clothing, cars, food, furniture, and just about everything in our home you can point to.  Air conditioning?  Well, we can live without that, but we use a ton of it.  The fact is, we can suffer on the hottest days without air conditioning, but if there is a fuel shortage, our military would have never be able to respond to an emergency like on September 11, 2001.  Nor would trucks be able to deliver food to our supermarkets, or buses or trains to our workplace, schools, or anything else.

Oil is a big deal, and its not just the Democrats accusing the Republicans doing it only for the “oil” because they have investments there.  Fact is, its a sound investment just like gold or silver or any other commodity.  And, if American companies have invested billions of dollars in the Middle East in oil refineries to help create jobs for them and us here in the USA and keep the price of gasoline affordable, we need to protect those investments until we develop solar powered cars, jet airplanes, homes, and aircraft carriers.  It can be the future, but that future is not for at least 10 years or a generation from now.

Fact is, we need foreign oil to survive (literally), and yes, we have oil here, and our friends in Brazil have oil, but we best need to use the resources of other country’s before we use our own.  That is emergency-only oil.  Brazil, well, we need to then feed them billions to start importing oil from there, but that will take many years just to build those drilling rigs and facilities, not to mention pipelines. Again, this does not happen overnight.

So when problems happen in the Middle East, yes, its a humanitarian issue and yes, we need to help but when someone says we are sending military aid “just for the oil” its not  entirely true, and even if it were entirely true, let me know how your family is going to survive a month without heating, refrigeration, hot water and food for a month or more. Its a tradeoff.  While helping with humanitarian aid, we are also protecting our property, which are those oil-producing facilities.  If you recall in the first Persian Gulf War, Saddam Hussein knew the value of the oil and set all the oil wells on fire out of spite. He knew the cutoff of oil would be a hardship to our trucks and planes that carry food and deliver heat to our school children, but also would harm the common consumer that just wants to get to work to earn a wage and feed their families.

So, who’s fault is it that gas prices are so high?  Fact is, the President of the USA is little to blame.  Let’s face it, water costs more than gasoline.  I get 15gallons of water delivered to my house every month for $30 and if I buy one small single bottle of it in the store its $1. That is the cost from spring, to bottling to transportation to the store. A gallon of gas costs $4 – that is at the cost of billions of dollars in refineries, transportation, and the math easily tells you that if you want to start a business and become rich, buy a spring, make a partnership with a local supermarket chain, and that will reward you much faster than gasoline franchises.

So why is gas so high right now?  Its not the president’s fault.  Gasoline in California is $6 because the pipeline from Texas to California has been taken down or offline for maintenance. That means they have to get their gas from another facility further away, which costs more to transport.  Here on the East Coast its not quite $4, but it will be easily $5 if we continue to consume and if another facility is taken down for maintenance and we have to get our gas from another region.  This is typical, and yes, sometimes world policy and politics contribute, but even more than oil speculators who “predict” supply and demand, the fact is, there are too many variables to blame one person or one party.

The old rule holds true.  Don’t waste. Whether it be food, water, oil or even money.  Live, but don’t waste.  Is your grocery store 1 mile from home?  Walk.  Buy in bulk.  Stop leaving lights on in the house that don’t need to be on.  If you have an SUV, take the smaller car to the market and save the SUV for when you need to transport a small army of family or children.  The world is not going to change, but if we change our habits, then the rest of the world will follow suit.  Fact is, every time gas hits an all time high, we consume less, SUV prices drop, and thus gas prices drop.  So when they drop why do we keep consuming more than we need again only to drive prices up?

Oil is just a precious as water or the air that we breathe, so don’t waste it.  Turn the car off when you are running in and out of the post office.  Don’t keep heat on in your house so high at night or during the day when you are not home.  Plan your errands in town carefully so you can drive to all locations in a logical manner which will save you gas and mileage. Driving 10miles per hour faster on the highway really won’t get you there any much faster unless 5 minutes matter, and in most cases, unless a life is on the line, it won’t matter at all.

Oil and gas are important, and when you realize you have control over it, and you know how to conserve it, even if prices don’t drop, at least your habits will allow you to consume and pay less in the long run since you are not using as much.


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