Dinner & Canon 50mm Lens


Just a test here, of a used Canon 50mm lens I got off eBay.  I didn’t have $1400 to spend, so I found this on eBay for only $350 with shipping. No box or manual, but then again, those are only things I throw away or put in a closet until it comes time to clean and then I throw them out.  Seems to be in perfect condition.

Its amazingly clear, does very well in low light (its 1.4/f) and even if it breaks after only one season, its cheaper to replace than buying new.

So, as you see above, its like a macro lens, meaning, it brings things close up from not being closeup.  Great for food, flowers and honey bee closeup photos.  The outer edges of the photo are blurred, but that is a desired effect as the center of the photo is where all the focus should be.

As for this dish itself, its simple.  Soak your wooden skewers in water for an hour or two so they are less likely to burn and/or catch fire; marinate your shrimp anyway you like, for me its garlic and olive oil, salt, pepper, the citrus in lemon and lime just tend to “cook” the shrimp, either making it tough or mushy, so if you like lemon or lime, add a wedge on the plate when serving.  The rice was cooked in beef broth (because I like flavor in my rice and there was no other broth in the pantry), and it turned out to be good meal, the beef broth gave the rice a nice color and great taste.  I liked the lime wedges on the side because it adds great flavor to the shrimp and the rice.  I even took out the Tabasco sauce, and I don’t know if I am becoming a wimp, but Tabasco could be quite tasty, but very hot!  And I like hot!  but a few dashes are more than enough.  I prefer more lime instead of any sauce, especially hot.


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