Long Hot Peppers


There is not much to this.  Its as easy and delicious as it gets.  You get some long hot peppers from the garden or your local supermarket produce section, an onion, and some white potatoes.  I didn’t want to go to the main supermarket in town during rush hour, so I went to the closest food store, but they sell white potatoes in bags, and only Idaho potatoes for baking loose.  So, I got some red potatoes since I did not need a whole bag of potatoes of any kind which would go bad.  Idaho baking potatoes are just for that, baking, whole, not frying and cooking quick.

You should do this on the stove top, but if you do not want to splatter oil and grease and stink up the house, you can do this outdoor on the grill.  Either way, I quarter my onion, split apart and add into the large saucepan of heated olive oil, sliced potatoes and add in with plenty of coarse salt.  I add black pepper, fold in all the peppers and potatoes and later add the long hot peppers on the grill to cook and steam.  After all is cooked, it could take 20 mins or more, depending on the temperature outside, slice open your peppers, discard seeds (trust me, these pepper are hot enough even for me) and fold in together.  Have fresh Italian bread on hand.  Bread will be the food which helps cool off your mouth, water or wine or anything else won’t.  You need bread or milk to disperse the heat.

This is actually better for lunch than dinner (I don’t think you want something super hot for breakfast unless you have a hangover and want to feel a different type of pain than the headache of a hangover).  And, you can save the leftovers for frying up some eggs and putting on an Italian roll for late breakfast or lunch.

Its a classic Italian staple: potatoes, peppers, onions.  Its legendary, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It even serves as a great Italian appetizer, nothing better than when a huge platter of fried potatoes, onions and peppers comes out to the table with the first glass of wine.

It can be served as an appetizer, side dish or main course… its easy enough, embrace it!


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