Garibaldi Peru Mex Pizzeria


The first time I went to this place was just to grab a slice of pizza when rushing from meeting to meeting.  When I am only going to grab a slice, I always try someplace different to test and taste before committing to a whole pizza.  When I was in there, I noticed they were also serving a lot of ethnic cuisine.  Peruvian, Mexican, Italian and American, wow, they got all the bases covered!  Quite frankly I don’t remember how the pizza was but it intrigued me to see them serving ceviche.

So today I was hungry but not so hungry that I could have consumed all of this shown above by myself. I took half of it home.  It is the national Peruvian dish known as Lomo Saltado. The dish was good, steaming hot, cooked perfectly with fresh red onions, red bell peppers, plum tomatoes and served over french fries with a side of white rice.  I’ve written about Lomo Saltado before, and I’ve had it 3 times in 3 different places here is a photo from my visit to Don Julio a few months ago. You can click on the link too to see my notes and experiences.

Some serve it with crispy french fries on top, some mix them into the stir fry as you see above, and Garibaldi puts them on the bottom to absorb all the juice and its kind of like french fries with gravy you would get at the diner.  The chef explained to me that people can make it all types of ways, even with each separate.  No matter what the case, it just does not work for me.  Its a fine dish, but not one for me.  Just like people drool over prime rib, I understand it, but its not for me.  But, if I had to eat it, Garibaldi would be the place, its the tastiest and the best I’ve had other than my own reinvention of it which you can find at – sorry potatoes, as much as I love you, there is no place for you here in this dish.

This place supposedly has the best tacos and serves cactus.  Never had cactus, but I plan to when I visit again, they have dozens of very different foods and they all look good.  And if you go out with family or a picky crowd, remember, there is always pizza, sandwiches, wings and rotisserie chicken.  Again, it has Italian, American, Mexican and Peruvian foods, so there is a lot to explore here, in a very small strip mall place stuck between another pizzeria and an Indian restaurant.

And, they have alternative soft drinks like those from Jarritos, made in Mexico.  This one is lime, but they have grapefruit, orange and many others.

Dishes run anywhere from $6 for a sandwich to $14 which is served with sides and is more than enough to feed two people.

UPDATE:  Check out my 2nd visit to this place here:

Garibaldi Peru Mex Pizzeria (973-808-7028)
107 Route 46 East, Parsippany NJ 07054


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