Villa Procopio Wine 2012 Vintage


The first time the heat came up in the house since last winter, its a chilly day, and its also the start of the Autumn Season.  The Procopio clan heads out to Corrado’s market in Clifton for 30 crates of grapes: 20 Zinfandel; 5 of Merlot; 5 Cabernet Sauvignon.  This is a break from the traditional 50% Zinfandel, with equal parts of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot. But let’s see what happens.

Last year, Victor was ill and they had to only buy the juice, much more expensive, but because it was pressed, squeezed and dumped into 6-gallon pails and yeast needed to be added.  His sons claim it did not taste good, not suitable for gifts, but until I taste it, I will not cancel it out as a loss. I am sure its still drinkable, but I have to test and taste it.  So I finally had a chance to taste it the morning they were pressing the grapes.

I showed up around 9am.  I figured I would give them time to settle in and get started. Of course, first things first, they start with the traditional breakfast of homemade taralli (taralle, tarrale, basically hard Italian pretzels), espresso, sambuca, fresh figs picked from the tree nearby, some doughnuts (Dunkin’s has it down to a science) and of course, small cups of the fresh pressed grape juice that will become the true fruit of this labor known as the wine.  Even the grand daughters take a part of it this year.

This is only the beginning of the winemaking chronicles.  It already looks delicious… I love the color!  there will be more to follow!

This Post & Blog Will Be Updated as information becomes available!


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