Mud City Crab House


Mud City is a very small seafood market and restaurant in Manahawkin, South Jersey, just minutes from Long Beach Island.  When you first walk in, you see the market, small but with lots of variety when it comes to crabs and other shellfish.

I’ve had my fair share of crabcakes this summer, but what I haven’t had and really wanted in more than a year, was fish & chips.  I know I should have gotten the crabs or crab cake sandwich, but I didn’t have a lot of time, I had to be in and out of there within 30 minutes.  So I got the fish and chips like I wanted.

Not sure how pretty this looks, but I can say its probably the best fish and chips I ever had.  North Atlantic Cod was very tender, cooked perfectly, you can tell it was fresh, never frozen, with a nice light thin layer of batter.  The french fries came with the skins on, which I love, so it was all good.  $13 was not cheap for something like this, and throw in another $2.50 for an iced tea and the bill came to almost $20 with a tip.  I want to go back, they have some really great dishes, seafood sampler platters and I know its going to be fresh, unfortunately its nearly 100 miles from where I live, but since my aunt lives close by, there is a good chance I will be back.

For great history and food facts and information, check out their website, its like a mini encyclopedia on local fish, and, you can even order their foods online.

MUD CITY CRAB HOUSE  (609) 978-3660
1185 E Bay Avenue, Manahawkin, NJ 08050


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