Awesome Crabcakes & Grilled Oysters


So my friend came back from the Jersey Shore with some blue crabs and told me he was making some crab cakes.  I have to admit, they were probably the best I ever had.  My only criticism was that there was “too much” crab in them.  Why would I complain about that? Well, I wasn’t – I was just sad there were not more!  I think if he had added a little less crab meat they still would have been delicious and I would have gotten at least one more from him!

As you can see, there is only one, so I decided to prepare it as an appetizer (he gave me two, he only made about 7), and of course I had to eat one while they were still warm and delicious.

He tells me its basically a whole lot of crab meat, egg, green onion, red pepper, saltine crackers, and pan fried in canola oil.  I decided to plate the dish with chopped red tomato and onion salsa, lemon, and the remoulade sauce was made from various recipes for my own tastes.  I didn’t use onions or pickles, I simply used what I had on hand which was mostly good mayonnaise, 2 dashes of Tabasco sauce, 1 minced anchovy, small wedge of lemon juice, scant teaspoon of cocktail sauce and half a teaspoon of hot dijon mustard (ground).  The result was incredible. I found myself dipping the bread in the new sauce I  “invented”.  As usual, all it took was the very best ingredients.  Fresh mayonnaise, good fresh kosher cocktail sauce with real horseradish, Maille Dijon Mustard (while I normally like the original whole seed, the more yellowish ground “traditional” is much hotter and closer to what you find in Chinese restaurants), which is what I love.  The hotter the better.

While this is not truly a recipe, just make the remoulade to taste, or you can even use thick lobster bisque.

So one crab cake was not enough so I got a dozen oysters to grill.  Most were small so I got about 15 instead of a dozen courtesy of my favorite fish monger.

This is so simple its insane.  Just wash off all the oysters under cold water, make sure all the mud, shell and other dirt is washed off, and put on the grill, top side down.  Close the cover, and within a few minutes (less than 10) you should see them start to open.  If some are stubborn and do not open, this is a clear indication they are probably not good and just discard them. The ones that do open, pull them off with tongs, even if one by one and give them a minute or two to rest before you split them in half.  You will find the top half (which is actually the bottom) will leave the oyster perfectly in tact.  The juice you can use for dipping, add some butter and drizzle over the rest if you like… just be careful of sand and shell debris, bite gently.

You can serve plain (I like to taste the oyster), or with lemon, cocktail sauce, Tabasco sauce, or even some butter melted in the juice I mentioned early.  If you had a wood burning or charcoal grill this would even be better so you get that smokey taste, but if you are not in the mood for raw, this is a great cooked oyster alternative.


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