Sand Collecting


Sand collecting started when I was a young teenager.  I wanted something to remind me of the beach which I love but was often so far away from (at least an hour by car).  So, I collected sand.  Later I saw that when I got sand from another beach, it was different in color, size, and that began my fascination with sand. I’ve always had a fascination with desserts.  Maybe it was because of a Humphrey Bogart movie, or Abbott & Costello Join the French Foreign Legion.  Either way, I am fascinated.  The desert is an interesting place, the rocks can heat up to over 100F in the day, and then when the night cools down to 50F the rocks explode and contribute to the sand of the desert.

So, when people go away on vacation and ask me what souvenir I want, its simple, I want a film can of sand (which would now be an ounce of sand since no one takes photos on film anymore).  It saves them the trouble of spending money for anything, packing, and its a no-brainer, meaning, its easy.  Scoop up an ounce of sand, and save it for me.

Back in the 1990s when the web first became popular, I was surprised as to how many sand collectors were out there and wanted to trade with me.  Its always good to know I am not alone and other share my strange interest.  You have all these different color an sizes of sand from all over the world, all different colors and you keep half an ounce in a clear glass container and its interesting to see all the different spectrum of sand from bright white to dark black and everything in between like pink, grey, red, and so many other variations.

Some of my most prized are from Atlantic City which I collected myself, nothing fancy, but it was my mother’s favorite city.  I have some red sand from Brazil, and Black Sand from Hawaii.  A very special friend who lived in UK but was born Egyptian sent me sand from the base of the Pyramids in Egypt – this would be the cornerstone and gem of all sands I have in my collection.

Here you see: Canoa Quebrada (red) from Brazil: Hermosa Beach from Los Angeles, USA;  Northwest Shore of Jamaica; Atlantic City NJ; Coney Island, New York; Cedar Beach, Long Island NY.  I have dozens more to share

I will post a full list of all the dozens of sands I have, but for now, here is a short list. I will ship 10+ samples free in exchange from other collectors, but I am also happy to exchange $1 for each sample for 10 samples + $5 shipping for those building a collection – obviously this is a hobby and I make no money from it, this is just to cover the cost of mailing, packaging and the containers.  Let me know who is interested.




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