Mito Sushi & Asian Cuisine


I had some serious reservations about going to yet another Sushi/Chinese place in town.  The first problem is there are too many of them.  Not quite as many as there are “Italian” pizzerias, but enough of them to wonder what they are doing differently to make me want to visit.  My first apprehension was the fact that back in the 1970s this was the Site of Geno’s – A fast food chain of burgers and chicken that was eventually torn down once bought out by a bigger burger chain and then the land was sold to build a small strip mall.  For 10+ years there was a Kosher Jewish Delicatessen there.  I mean a REAL Kosher Jewish Delicatessen.  While they sold milk, you had to buy it separately and not along with the smoked fish and the fantastic pastrami they sold.  The smoke fish platter was to die for, it included onions, lettuce, bagels.  But why go on?  Its gone now.

So now I walk in and they have their traditional fish tank, sushi bar, its a small and pleasantly quiet space.  And, it deserved a try.

I ordered the Bento Box Lunch Special, only $12.  Its a nice presentation all food in one square box with separate compartments.  You get 2 appetizers and one entree.  They made a mistake and brought me two full appetizers and the entree.  No problem there, I  probably got double the appetizers I should have.  I imagine in a Bento Box I would have only gotten 3 Shumai and 3 Gyoza and a smaller portion of Tropical Mango Shrimp with white rice.

The Shumai (Shrimp Dumpling) were good.  The dipping sauce was ok.  Next came the Gyoza which usually contain pork but this was only vegetables.  No complaints, this was even better, as was the dipping sauce.

Then came the main entree.  Tropical Mango Shrimp.  They had a choice of chicken or shrimp teriyaki, some others and Tropical Mango Shrimp or chicken.  I opted for the shrimp, just in case the chicken was tough.  It came on a bed of julienne mango strips, onions, peppers and a sweet sauce I imagine was from sugar and/or mango.  The sauce was ok.  I am not sure I would put mangos, onions and peppers on the same plate (onions and peppers for sure) but the onions and peppers distracted from the dish… carrots were ok, I think I would have used orange or lemon rinds instead of peppers or onions.

Its all good in the end.  Its a filling lunch, economic and fairly healthy, all for under $15 with tip.

Mito Sushi & Asian Cuisine
555 Passaic Avenue
West Caldwell NJ 07006


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