Chicken Wars


Honestly, I never heard of Chick-Fil-A.  I saw it first on Facebook about how they were homophobic and discriminated against gays, and how some toy company was withdrawing their toys from their children’s meals.  I am not the biggest fan of fast food restaurants, especially those serving chicken as their main item.  However, after listening to all the media attention, I am sorry I missed Chick-Fil-A day, August 1, 2012.  It seems as if the CEO of the company made an honest and legitimate statement which somehow got distorted, manipulated and taken out of context, and downright manipulated.   The CEO said “We support traditional marriage” – meaning they support the marriage between a man and a woman.  He had NOT condemned gays, he did not place judgement, he did not state no gays were welcome at their stores.  It was a simple statement, protected by the first amendment as first speech.  Somehow this got turned around by gay rights activists as homophobia, prejudice, hate, etc.  Since when did saying you believe in traditional marriage mean you hated the gay community?  And for mayors, politicians and other advocates to try to run the fast food chain out of town?  That is a clear violation of their legal oath to separate church and state.

President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Biden all said in their campaigns that they support traditional marriage.  4 years later this may have changed, but no one boycotted them.  So why are people boycotting a fast food chicken chain?  Its due to ignorance, misinformation, media-bullying and a very clear strong message that if you have an opposing view, you will be condemned.  This goes against everything American.  Someone supporting gay marriage is the same as someone saying they support traditional marriage.  So what is the problem?  The conservatives no longer have a right to their opinion?  Really?  I mean really?  We can accept them but they condemn those who support values thousands of years old?  Its free speech, it may be antiquated, but until the stop serving or hiring gays, there should be no problem.

This is just another instance of how a simple statement, perfectly valid and sincere, honest and without prejudice turns into fuel for the fire for irrational special interest groups and views.   Remember, the term “we support gay marriage” is the EXACT same thing as “we support traditional marriage”.  And when this changes is when someone says “we condemn gays” or “we condemn people who read The Bible (Christians, Jews, even some Muslims), then there is a problem.  IT seems as if the gay rights community are hopping all over this calling for a ban, calling the company bigots and homophobes but never once has the fast food company ever says “we are against gay marriage and/or civil unions” nor have they ever said “you are not welcome in our stores and/or we will never hire you”.

Lets put things into perspective here.  Just because a corporation believes in traditional marriage does NOT mean they are anti-gay, homophobic, racist or anything else.  They are simply reinforcing their beliefs, just as any one does every day.

Again, I rarely eat fast food, almost never by choice, sometimes by necessity or desire, but I would gladly step into a Chick-Fil-A store now and buy something.  Even vegetarians were showing up for their tea, shakes, fries, just to support them.  No, major chains don’t need our support, but when they are unfairly attacked and their words are manipulated and taken out of context, its our job to support them to offset the idiots who have boycotted them.

The statement “we support traditional marriage” is freedom of speech “we will boycott you since you make that statement” is bullying, irrational and condemning a legitimate enterprise for that comment. Remember, if everyone has a right to marry, or free speech, that means EVERYONE has the right to marry or have free speech, not just gays, not just heterosexuals, EVERYONE, so when someone says they support traditional marriage that does NOT mean they condemn gays or homophobic.  Let’s not try to twist, turn and manipulate beliefs of some to go on a witch hunt and twist their words to show hey are anti-gay (or anything else).

Never had a Chick-Fil-A, but am dying for one now, just to taste what freedom is, to taste what free speech is. To know I can walk into one of their stores, order, and enjoy one of their food products and not be heckled or hassled by people who have their own beliefs as much as I have mine.  Remember, free speech/thoughts go both ways.  Just because you are for something does not mean you are against or condemn an opposite view.

You don’t like or support traditional marriage? Then don’t go to Chick-Fil-A.  Its that simple.  The consumer has the power to spend their money where they wish, but do not condemn someone because they are traditional and embrace those values.  When they start stating they HATE anyone that opposes their views, then it changes.


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