Asian Delite


Its a rainy day after heavy thunderstorms which brought an end to the heatwave of nearly 3 weeks.  So, I am finally getting my appetite back and decide I want lunch, but something light. Perhaps sushi.  This is a stripmall restaurant but has a good reputation and good food, and its been years since I’ve been there.   But that is a good thing because they would not have been around for more than 10 years if they were not good.  They brought me some hot tea which is a good thing because I was not in the mood for a beer and on what could be considered a cool summer day (75F, as opposed to yesterday’s high temperature of 103F), hot tea was welcomed.

I wanted sushi but the special looked good too, Sakura Shrimp with Chicken.  Only $10, so what did I have to lose?  The shrimp were cooked on the hibachi and had a nice char on the bottom, they were topped with spicy mayo and green onion on a  bed fresh steamed green beans.  They were delicious.  I wish I could say the same for the chicken.  While I loved the spicy red chili peppers, the chicken was dry and bland, and even one part of it was so bad I could not chew it and had to remove it from my mouth and into my napkin.  No complaints though, it was what it was, and for the huge portion of chicken and rice they give you for $10 I really could not complain.  Well, I guess I could, but what was the point, I ate all of it and I was not looking for more food to eat. So, I let it go.

Worse than that one really bad piece of sliced chicken was a topic I wrote about yesterday.  Really bad 1980s music which can spoil an appetite.  Again, why are people so fixated on 1980s music, or at least the bad stuff?  The female band Heart made a comeback in the 80s and while the music was ok it was hardly memorable (for me).  So what is playing?  An entire album of Heart, and all the songs I hate most.  When you go to restaurant I would think you would want the experience to be authentic.  I am fine with traditional Chinese and Japanese instrumental music playing quietly through the speakers.  It can easily be ignored if you don’t like it, but when they are playing music that you loathe from decades earlier, its quite noticeable.  I will return one day for lunch or dinner.  But seriously, the music alone is one reason for me not to return. I’d rather hear nothing.  So, if I walk in there again and hear lame 1980s music, I will just order a their Volcano Roll to go and enjoy it elsewhere. I don’t want memories of the 1980s to ruin the delicious taste of avocado, cucumber, shrimp tempura an salmon on the outside… now that is something to look forward to!



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