Icy Alternatives


Today was a record high of 103F on a heatwave that has been going straight for at least 3 weeks now.  I think New York hit 100F and smaller towns like my own were also 100F.  I don’t know why Newark, NJ is always hotter… maybe because of the airport and factories and other factors contributing to a very large city?  In any case, what you need today for a cocktail is something cold, no doubt, but you can only get beer so cold without freezing it, so you probably want an ice-cold cocktail.  Instead of using ice that is going to melt very quickly and dilute your drink, why not freeze your favorite fruits instead?  Fruit probably contains 90% water, so what better way to garnish your drink, keep it cold and not dilute it all at the same time?

The photo above is a Sour Watermelontini garnished with a chunk of watermelon that was frozen in the martini glass for several hours.  You can also use strawberries, black cherries, melon, pineapple, red or white grapes, whatever fruit you like best that would “match” the cocktail.  Its also very impressive if you have friends over for drinks.

Now, they say you should avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages in the extreme heat, as well as heavy meals.  I agree, but you should also avoid working out in the sun for 10 hours at a time or sitting in traffic with all the smog in the city air.  So, I will take my chances in the backyard with an ice cold cocktail after dinner than roasting out in the sun weather its the beach or working outdoors.  One won’t kill you, and chances are you are doing a lot more to relieve stress and relax than if you had avoided it.  If you don’t drink, that is fine too, you can still use frozen fruits for your favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

For any flavored martini, the recipe is very simple, 2 parts flavored liquor to 3 parts vodka, chill for several hours or shake hard with ice for a minute or two.  Summer heat and global climate change won’t go away for another few months, so sit back and enjoy!


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