Summer Salads


Its hot days of Summer you might find lighter, smaller meals much more refreshing.  The above is a perfect examle.  You have your cherry tomatoes sliced in half with a shred of fresh basil, and half of bocconcini mozzarella (mini balls of mozzarella), drizzle with olive oil, serve with good Italian or French bread, and you are set.  Sure, wine works fine, but so does unsweetened fresh brewed Iced Tea.

You can also go with the traditional italian Salads like cucumber, onion, tomato oregano, or even the panzanella which is tomatoes, stale bread chopped into cubes, basil, olive oil and vinegar, and the vinegar can easily be red wine, chianti or balsamic vinegar.  This is enough to fill you up, keep your hydrated since its mostly water, and keep you from feeling the full effects of a heatwave.  Plenty of water helps, cut back on the sugar and alcohol, and some salt (some) will help your body retain the salt its sweating out and also keep you hydrated.  Also consider cold macaroni salads with pasta, vegetables,, olives, raisins, no matter what, keep it light, drink water and eat foods you know contain its fair share of water.  You might not like air conditioning (most do, I don’t) but its valuable for the respiratory system, instead of hot stagnant air, enjoy at least an hour or two in the air conditioning, it will relax you, help you breathe better and will take the edge off all the sweating and heat bombarding your body.

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