Seaside Food in Brazil

Seaside Fare: Camarones (Shrimp)

Posted in 2009/11/09 by sicilianculture

Seaside Fare:  Canoa Quebrada, Brazil

Seaside Fare: Canoa Quebrada, Brazil

Canoa Quebrada, near Fortaleza in the Brazilian State of Ceara is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  While Brazil is in South America, they are the only country in that region that speaks Portuguese instead of the “usual” Spanish.  One of the amazing things is, how great the food tastes with minimal preparation.  Its literally caught right in front of you.  You can see the fishermen on a boat maybe 100′ away.  The shrimp are probably the best I have ever had.  I love shrimp, always have.  in Jamaica they were seasoned with habanero peppers, (the hottest on the planet), but they eat them with the shells on, and the shells are thicker and much crunchier and harder to chew/swallow.  The shrimp in Brazil are perfect.  here in the USA we eat the shrimp with the shells off, and discard the tail.  But we are missing a great component… when the shrimp are cooked in their shell it adds so much more flavor.  And in Brazil, you remove the head, and eat the whole shrimp, shell and all, some eat the tail, but some also discard the very end of the tail.  The shells are so soft and delicious, you want to eat as much of it as you can.  They either cook in olive oil or cook over an open flame.  In any case, the best afternoon snack I ever had on the beach was an ice cold beer and a plate of a couple of dozen fresh fish caught just a few minutes ago from a few feet away.  A squeeze of lime, maybe some french fries, I wish I was back there already and it hasn’t even been a week.

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