Dinner At Tania’s


After a long drive and trip to the mountains we made it back to Joao Pessoa for Jantar, which is more like lunch than dinner late at night in Brazil.   Tania is the older sister of my girlfriend, and we started off with warm corn soup which is made with fresh corn, condensed milk and sweet coconut milk, and was actually made by Rouzi, the youngest sister of the family who lives with Tania.  It was really good.

Next we had the “main course” which looked like a dessert cake. I am not big on sweets so I only asked for half a piece until I tried it.

While this resembled a cake, it was the most delicious  tuna salad sandwhich in cake form I ever had.  3 Layers of tuna, white sandwich bread, shredded carrot, perhaps chives, and topped with olives and cherry tomatoes.  It was truly the best tuna salad I ever had and I’ve been eating it for over 25 years, from my mother’s to delicatessens to diners or any place else you might order a tuna salad.  The decoration alone with corn, carrots, parsley, cherry tomatoes and hot peppers should have given it away but was seriously very good eats.  A+ on Taste; A++ on Creativity & Presentation!  Yay Tania!  \o/


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