Lunch At Salutte


At most lunch buffets its a flat price for all you can eat. At this place it was different, your food is weighed and its priced per kilogram.  They weigh your plate and charge you separately for your drink.  There are places in supermarkets and some delis where you do pay per pound, but here in Brasil this is good for 2 reasons.  The first reason is there is no waste.  SO many people take so much and don’t even eat half of it.  Another reason is, if you want to pick all the shrimp or pieces of beef, chicken or whatever and leave nothing for the others, at least it weighs more and you will pay more.  The other reason is, its instinct to grab a lot of food then come back for other things you wanted that could not fit on your plate.  So, I scanned the area first to see what they were offering and then made my choice.  3 types of feijoda, I was going to come back for the feijoda verde but I was full and that was enough of the typica feijoda and the cariojxa feijoda.  1 Water, 1 Orange Juice and 3 plates cost me roughly $22, not bad for the variety of food.  The quality was good but not great, but what you might expect it to be for lunch or at that price, plus you get to experience a wide variety of different Brazilian foods.

Here is the same photo above with a description I can best remember from left to right clockwise:  Something like coleslaw only more carrots, tasty but a lot of mayo; fried fish; mini breaded fried meatball and baccala ball; some other sort of cold salad above with raisins; not sure if that half breaded slice was eggplant or pineapple; feijoada over white rice; carioca feijoada over brown rice (did not have the chance or room for feijoada verde); some mashed potatoes, and finally what I actually started first with was some sort of “Japanese style” vegetable roll because I certainly cannot call it anything Sushi.

But, it was all good, all very inexpensive, there were other hot foods I could not get to like the grilled chicken, steak and salmon as well as a few other trays as well as desserts.  I can’t possibly eat everything and certainly one full plate was enough to satisfy me that afternoon.


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