Tambau Beach Brazil


PRICE BREAKDOWN: June 20, 2012  Lunch at the Beach

$10 Beach Umbrella (all day but we were there less than 2 hours)
$3  2 Cocos (Coconut Water)
$3  12oz Skol Cerveja (Beer)
$10 2 dozen (24) Shrimp
$5  Large Antarctica (Beer)
$2  10oz Water

Honestly, I thought I would be in love with JP, but for me, Fortalezza is just way more fun.  So I visited 2 beaches today, Tambau & Jacaira.  Tambau was not really all that exciting, not many people on the beach, great to get a seat, but no long stretch of beach.  Less vendors (a good thing) but honestly I was not feeling the excitement of a beach like in fortaleza at least, or rio at most.

So, we headed over to one of the newer places constructed in such a manner that all looked generic.  There is nothing wrong with that, but somehow the individually owned shops deliver so much more.

$26 Shrimp cooked in rice in cast iron pot for 2 could easily feeds 4, and quite tasty. Diced tomatoes, some spicy sauce similar to Tabasco or hot sauce.

Lunch was at a place you might see anywhere.  Its a small, almost kiosk type place, but this was better than most. This place gave you what looks like beets (in a salad?) and of course you have your french fries (soggy) and the food itself was pretty good.  Spicy, and better than you would expect from a beach hut with a small kitchen.


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