Bad Food Ideas


Sometimes you just know something is a bad idea.  Like bacon flavored beer or soda, or McDonald’s putting bacon bits instead of sprinkles on its ice cream dessert.  I can hear Jay Leno now saying “how fat are we getting in this country if we need bacon on our ice cream!”?  Well, more than that, there are food pairings that just don’t belong.  Who would want the smokey flavor of bacon mixed in with the sweetness of ice cream?  Sure, its ok to take risks like bacon on a cheeseburger or a slice of melon wrapped in prosciutto (which I never got, though it did taste good once I tried it).  And yes, I know salt brings out the flavor of somethings like caramel, and of course balsamic vinegar over fresh strawberries with black pepper is also a chemistry that works.

Well, here is one that does not work and I am surprised that after all these years this supermarket continues to produce it.  Who knows maybe they only produce a few a week and people try it as a novelty.  Its seafood sausage.  Inside a pork casing contains minced shrimp, scallops, crab with salmon as the main binder.  What they also include are fennel seeds which do not work, it works for pork sausage but not seafood.  The casing also ruins it for me, then again, I usually remove the casing from the sausage before cooking (if I used it in a sauce) or afterward if its grilled.  I just don’t like the texture, its chewy, and usually gets tougher with cooking.

The other thing is that certain parts of it cook faster than others since they are all different textures.  For me, its clearly a food failure.  I’ve tried it now and then over the years using different methods of cooking it, but unless you remove the casing and use it as the base of a cream sauce, I really don’t see me ever buying it again unless its 3 years from now and I forgotten how bad it is and am curious to try again.  The fresh lemon was its only saving grace, to cover up the taste.


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